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Wintrozen – when the joys of winter fail

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Enjoying the winter pleasures often leads to illness. While building snowmen and snow fights with children are fun elements of the season, you need to be prepared to take action when the snow has gone. That’s when a medicine with a wintry name – Wintrozen!

It’s easy to get caught in the middle of a cold episode. But the most distressing are bronchitis episodes, when we suffer from an unpleasant cough due to inflamed bronchial mucosa. The first signs of acute bronchitis are a dry and hacking cough, burning or heaviness in the chest. Physical complaints include weakness, and body temperature can be as low as or as high as 38-39 °C. Within a few days, the cough usually turns from dry to wet, with sputum mixed in. Symptoms usually gradually disappear within 7-10 days.

Wintrozen is an acetylcysteine-containing medicine without lactose and sorbitol, which means that it can also be used by diabetics – it contains no unnecessary sugar. In addition, Wintrozen has a pleasant orange taste, making the sufferer feel like they are enjoying Christmas rather than being treated. Wintrozen is easy to take – the tablet is dissolved in a glass. The prepared herbal solution is ready to use immediately. It is recommended to take the prepared solution 2-3 hours before going to bed.

It is important to remember that the medicine is recommended only for adults over 14 years of age.

Attention! This is a medicinal product. Before use, carefully read the information leaflet in the package. In case of persistent complaints or the occurrence of side effects, consult a doctor or pharmacist.


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