Start a new year in harmony!

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The New Year usually brings with it new goals and lots of resolutions. Trying to get everything done can lead to unpleasant stress that affects not only daily activities, but even sleep. Exitress is here to help you stabilise your well-being.

Exitress is a registered over-the-counter medicine, the use of which does not pose a risk to human health. The activity and side effects of Exitress have been fairly well studied and the drug is not addictive when used correctly. Clinical trials of the drug have shown that it improves the quality of sleep and has a therapeutic effect on insomnia. However, if insomnia and difficulty falling asleep become too distressing, Exitress, an over-the-counter medicine containing a higher dose of valerian, may help. It should be remembered that although Exitress has a natural composition, it is not a food supplement.

Pharmacies sell a range of supplements to reduce stress and improve sleep quality on self-service shelves, but pharmacists recognise that supplements do not contain therapeutic substances but vitamins and minerals, nor do supplements have strict requirements for efficacy and safety monitoring, nor have clinical trials been conducted to prove their effectiveness.

Sleep and harmony are more important than ever as we start a new year and possibly a new chapter in our lives, so take care of your health with Exitress – the proven medicine!

Attention! This is a medicinal product. Before use, carefully read the information leaflet in the package. In case of persistent complaints or the occurrence of side effects, consult a doctor or pharmacist.