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EHRA Recruitment Portal’s Terms of Use for Users

1. General
1.1. The following Terms of Use (the Terms of Use) govern the conditions of using the database (hereinafter the Database) of employers (hereinafter Employers) and jobseekers (hereinafter the User) on the website and its sub-pages. The User accepts the Terms of Use by using the Database.
1.2. The owner and manager of the database is EHRA OÜ (hereinafter EHRA), commercial register code 10777818, e-mail:, phone (+372) 5019179
1.3. All natural persons, who are adults, can be Users of the Database.
1.4. By using the Database, the User confirms that all data provided by him/her is correct and that he/she is a natural person with active legal capacity. The correctness of the User’s assertions are assumed and EHRA is not obliged to verify these.
1.5. The User is entitled to use the Database only in accordance with the Terms of Use.

2. Database and its use
2.1. EHRA displays Employers’ job offers and Users’ CVs in the Database.
2.2. It is possible for the User to enter into the Database his/her CV or several CVs (e.g., in Estonian and English), which EHRA will make available to the Employers.
2.3. The User has the right to supplement and modify the CV entered by him/her into the Database and to decide on the availability of data (the right to change the confidentiality level of data and to make the data active, passive or blocked). Active CVs are visible to Employers.
2.4. In addition, the User has the right to use the job alerts system (EHRA sends the User job offers that are in accordance with the User’s wishes and appropriate for his/her profile), job bookmarks (allows the User to archive interesting offers), and other solutions meant for applying for jobs.
2.5. The User undertakes to enter only correct and accurate data into the Database. The User shall be liable for any damage caused to EHRA and to third parties as a result of incorrectness, inaccuracy or incompleteness of the data provided by the User.
2.6. All rights to the Database belong to EHRA. The User may use the information contained in the Database to contact the Employers with the aim of applying for jobs. The User shall not be entitled to make other extracts or copies of the Database or parts thereof, or to otherwise use, damage or interfere with the work of the Database.
2.7. The use of the Database is free of charge to the User, except when a fee is separately indicated for the use of a specific service.
2.8. The Database is only a platform through which Users can publish their CVs or job search announcement and Employers can publish job offers. EHRA does not participate in the negotiations between the Employer and the User and is not responsible for the performance of the agreement concluded using the Database. Using the database does not guarantee that the User will find a suitable job.
2.9. EHRA has the right to limit access to User data or documents at any time, without notice and in any way, to restrict the use of the Services, and to remove from the Database, without prior notice, any data or documents that, in EHRA’s opinion, violate EHRA’s or third party’s rights or interests or are contrary to public policy or moral standards.
2.10. EHRA will do its utmost to keep the Database available and usable. EHRA shall not be liable for any unexpected interruptions in the operation of the Database or for any damage caused by the interruption.

3. Principles of processing the Personal Data of the User
3.1. EHRA processes the following User’s personal data: first name, surname, telephone number, e-mail address, address, User’s photo, other career data contained in the CV, and personal data contained in the social media user account (hereinafter Personal Data).
3.2. EHRA OÜ (address Tallinn, Virmalise tänav 5-5, 10129, commercial register code 10777818) is responsible for the processing of Personal Data.
3.3. EHRA processes the User’s Personal Data for the purpose of providing the service to the User – makes the User’s CV available to Employers through the Database and allows the User to apply for jobs.
3.4. In addition, EHRA processes the Personal Data of the User for communicating information about commercial communications, promotional materials and EHRA’s activities, if the User has so requested.
3.5. EHRA processes Personal Data in accordance with the principles of data protection recognised in Europe (legality, fairness, transparency, purposefulness, and minimality) and always follows the interests, rights and freedoms of the User when processing Personal Data.
3.6. If the User enters his/her CV into the Database, EHRA makes the Personal Data contained therein available to the Employers according to the degree of confidentiality specified by the User.
3.7. If the User submits his/her CV to apply for a specific job offer, EHRA will forward all personal data entered by him/her into the CV to the respective Employer.
3.8. EHRA collects and stores User’s Personal Data in electronic format, making extracts of these in other formats as necessary.
3.9. EHRA retains User’s Personal Data until the User has deleted his/her user account, requested EHRA to delete his/her Personal Data, or until EHRA becomes aware of the fact that the User is no longer alive. In the listed cases, EHRA deletes the Personal Data of the User within one month from the occurrence of one of the outlined reasons.
3.10. The User has the right to know what data is contained in EHRA’s database about him/her by submitting an inquiry to EHRA’s email address provided in the Database.
3.11. At any time, the User has the right to modify, correct, or require the deletion or the termination of further processing of his/her Personal Data. For this purpose, the User shall submit a corresponding application to EHRA’s e-mail address provided in the Database.

4. Copyright and use of cookies
4.1. All information contained in the Database, including Database design and software, is protected by copyright in accordance with copyright law.
4.2. All copyrights to materials published in the Database belong to EHRA or have been given to EHRA to the extent that permits their use. The User assigns EHRA, free of charge, any proprietary rights to any data it enters into the Database. The User confirms that by entering the data into the Database, the copyright of third parties is not violated.
4.3. Without the prior written consent of EHRA, the User shall not have the right to reproduce, distribute, transmit, translate, incorporate into any other database, make extracts of, etc. the Database or any of the information contained therein in any manner whatsoever.
4.4. EHRA uses cookies in the Database in order to provide a better user experience to the User. Cookies allow the web servers of the Database to recognise the User and customise the contents of the Database automatically to suit the User’s needs when a user visits the Database.
4.5. The User is deemed to have accepted the use of cookies if cookies are allowed in the User’s browser settings. The User can always decide whether or not to allow cookies in his/her browser.

5. Final provisions

5.1. Notifications and all information shall be transmitted from EHRA to the User in electronic format through the contact details entered when the User registered. The transmission of all notices and information from the User to EHRA shall take place via the e-mail address provided in the Database or the Terms of Use.
5.2. The Terms of Use enter into force upon acceptance by the User of the Terms of Use and are valid between the User and EHRA during the term of the legal relationship regulated by the Terms of Use.
5.3. The legal relationship between the User and EHRA arising from the use of the Database shall be governed by the law in force in the Republic of Estonia.

5.4. Disputes arising from the use of the Database shall be resolved by the User and EHRA through negotiations. If agreement is not reached, the dispute shall be resolved in Harju County Court.