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If you already have your user id – please enter EHRA from HERE… Being first time visitor, start creating your CV HERE… User registration / creating CV takes about 5-10 minutes and is FREE.

EHRA? For whom and why?

For anyone looking for work or an internship in the catering and accommodation sector. Estonian Hotel and Restaurant Agency, abbreviated as EHRA, is a tourism and catering personnel search system. Why create an EHRA user account? Because this way you will receive new job offers. Before others. Start HERE…

How to get started?

Just go HERE…

* first and last name,
* email address
* county
* profession (if you have many professions, separate them with a comma, e.g., chef, server, etc.)
* postal address

If you like, you can add a photo and a video introduction – we recommend doing so. We also recommend that you describe yourself from a professional standpoint.

* Creating a CV continues with the section of professional skills, and after that you can add (optional) a link to your social media account.
* Although the sections of education and work experience are voluntary (in case you are studying and do not yet have a diploma and work experience), this is a very important part of the CV and we recommend that these sections be filled as thoroughly as possible. It is the key part of a professional CV.

PREVIEW is an intermediate step to review the CV. The user can change or confirm the CV. Confirming the CV is an option that guides you to the environment and gives you the opportunity to apply for a position.

EHRA usernames?

Once your CV is confirmed, a link will be sent to your email address, which you can use to create a password that suits you. If you have forgotten your password or want to change it, please click HERE…

To avoid potential security risks, it is very important that no one except YOU knows the username and password. A good password is long and contains numbers in addition to letters. If necessary, you can find a password generator HERE…

My EHRA (user account, user area, bookmarks, job alerts)

Once you have created a CV, you will find all the relevant sections (when logged in) from the drop-down menu: My EHRA, which is divided into four:

My account – A general section that allows you to change your password and to sign out;

Job seeker area – here you can change, delete and hide your CV or add a new CV (for example, in English);

Bookmarks – as the name says, it is a setting that helps you collect interesting job offers (there is an “ADD A BOOKMARK” button next to the job offer);

Job alerts – a convenient solution that gives you the opportunity to receive interesting job offers to your email address.


It’s easy. After creating a CV, go HERE… Select a position of interest. Select APPLY. Create a short additional text (for example: Hello! I would like to apply for this post.), choose your CV and submit your application.

We also recommend that you set up the job alerts system (drop-down menu – My EHRA – Job alerts).


Additional questions are kindly welcome

We’ll answer you in 24–48 hours, depending on the complexity of the question.

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